Originally from the USA, Stephanie Hanrahan is an associate professor and the sport and exercise psychology program director at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. She was a competitive volleyball player for close to twenty years before knee injuries caught up with her, forcing her to quit. She is an accomplished author, the most Read More →

This is Part 2/2 of Judy Van Raalte’s lecture sum-ups. Academic subjects behind us, Judy turned to practical counselling advice for her final lecture. She set the groundwork by first allaying our worries about working with clinical cases like suicide or schizophrenia: the chances of running across an athlete with severe psychological problems is quite Read More →

Judy Van Raalte is a sport psychology professor at Massachusetts’ Springfield College. She is also an avid tennis player — recently winning the American doubles championship in her group (left) — and an enthralling speaker full of wisdom and support for us as we begin our fledgling careers in performance psychology. From day one she was Read More →

Alan Smith is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Michigan State University, where he studies the link between youth sport involvement and their psychosocial functioning. He is best known for his work in peer relationships and in understanding their motivating effect in youth, currently working to develop strategies of dealing with ADHD through Read More →

Originally from the UK, Martin Hagger is now a distinguished professor at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, where he just recently won an award for his outstanding research. His focus lies in studying people’s self-regulation processes and seeing how health professionals can harness these to change patients’ health-related behaviour. Martin is one of the most Read More →