Tl;dr: I hacked at my OnePlus 3 for a few days to update from Marshmallow to Nougat, going the TWRP/SuperSU route. I then swapped stock GApps for OpenGApps pico, to minimize Google’s footprint. I ran into several problems, key being the “dm-verity” error message, but it all sorted itself out in the end. This is Read More →

Here’s a quick reference of the best sites I use for finding cheap flights, in order of preference: rome2rio: Hands down the best one. It not only shows you the cheapest flights between destinations, it also factors in everything else like buses/trains/taxis/ferries — and leaves you with a very solid budget for your complete trip. Read More →

Quo Vadis is an annual — international at this point — conference for students and young professionals with Polish ties, be it ancestry or interest. This year it is taking place in Connecticut, in Australia, and, as I write this, in Montreal. My good friends Kacper and Tom were invited to present something to the Read More →